Handmade Artisan soaps 

made with natural ingredients

More and more people prefer to buy artisan cold process soaps using natural ingredients because of their purity and high quality.  Factory produced soaps sold in supermarkets and shops are cheap, but contain synthetic substances and detergents that can irritate and dry the skin.  Our soaps are hand-made using pure and nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, castor oil, hazelnut oil and cocoa butter.  To guarantee the purity of our soaps we only use essential oils for fragrancing and natural clays, minerals and seeds for colouring.  Many of our soaps are made from goats’ milk, renowned for its purity and gentleness, while others are made from pure distilled water.

All Seren Soaps’ recipes have been tested and registered in accordance with UK and EU cosmetic product safety assessment regulations.


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